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With Abson’s APPCC bakery system you will avoid and eliminate risks to your business.


Risks are common in food retail establishments, and especially in those where food is artisanal, such as bakeries. The realization of bread, pastries and bakery requires high worker handling that could pose a danger to public health. It should be noted that washing and disinfecting are not synonymous in this type of establishment.

Poor disinfection of the workman’s utensils or the work equipment used in the preparation of these products, the under-washing of bakers’ hands, or simply environmental cross-contamination of the worker himself can contaminate the products and damage the health of their consumers.

ASP food security system for bakeries and pastry shops

Establishing a food safety system for food retailers such as bakeries and pastry shops, through a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (APPCC) system, avoids risks, keeping contaminants under bay. It is also an essential legal requirement that must be put in place throughout the food chain.

The ASP food safety consultanation system, Based on the APPCC system, it provides a systematic, rational and scientifically-based approach to identifying, eliminating and avoiding the dangers that may affect food, so that appropriate measures can be applied to reduce or eliminate food to sanitaryly acceptable levels.

For this reason implementing a food safety system such as THOSE of ASP, will help to control the raw material and processing processes, allow to eliminate the lack of control of food allergens, ensure food safety in product processing and business profitability,as well as help comply with Spanish and European legal regulations.

Their business would be undergoing little change, without hindering the work of the workers. The goal of ASP food safety consulting is to produce healthy and safe foods for its consumers, ensuring consumer confidence and improving the profitability of their business.