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It is necessary throughout the winery to implement a self-control system based on APPCC.


The enclosures where grapes, wine or must are handled must comply with a number of legal requirements, which allow to ensure the safety of the production and distribution of wines, avoid any health risk and comply with the training of all its workers. Therefore, it is necessary throughout the winery to implement a self-control system based on Abson Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (APPCC).

The AppCC Comprehensive Winery Service implemented by Abson

Abson offers all wineries a comprehensive service through the APPCC system,a proven method, which allows to comply with current legal regulations, have controlled all the critical points and ensure the quality of the product, avoiding failures in the process.

Through the implementation of the APPCC, all equipment is properly maintained and clean, with special impact on those who come into direct contact with the grape or wine; a comprehensive control of waste, pests and water supply is established and the requirements for traceability are met, both in the vineyard and in the winery itself.

With abson’s APPCC service, the wineries ensure that the ingredients used belonging to the allergen group will be explicitly indicated on the labels, so that their consumers will be able to identify possible allergies. All this is not only an improvement in the image, but also an increase in economic profitability, because the APPCC system will avoid possible sanctions and make processes more efficient.