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With an APPCC system you will improve the service offered to your customers.


In catering businesses the continuous handling of food is very sensitive because a lot of food moves and many people participate. The regulations establish a number of requirements regarding the distribution of prepared meals, which are mandatory by companies and all workers in the business. Given this regulation, it is necessary to apply an APPCC system or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

Abson offers a highly effective service to ensure food safety of products. The APPCC helps companies control all processes in the chain, from transportation to service to the end consumer. These are catering services where food security is essential, because the health is at stake, sometimes of particularly vulnerable groups such as children or the elderly.

APPCC Working Method: Best Customer Service

By implementing this METHOD of work APPCC, implemented by Abson in all respects, economic sanctions for non-compliance with the law will be avoided and possible food security problemsprevented. In addition, all workers will be adequately trained, ensuring proper handling of food, among many other actions that will be carried out in the process.

In short, it will ensure that no possible critical point remains unchecked, which will allow us to offer better customer service and an improvement in economic profitability.