Volver a Food Hygiene


It is necessary throughout the winery to implement a self-control system based on APPCC.



To guarantee the food security of the products offered in cheese shops,abson’s method, in accordance with Spanish and European legislation, is the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, known by its acronym APPCC.

The APPCC is an essential requirement for any business that handles food, having to ensure the safety of the products offered. Thanks to abson’s implementation, economic sanctions and gender losses in cheese shops will be avoided.

Implementation of abson’s APPCC System

By implementing an APPCC, the head of a food industry, such as a cheese shop, can be assured that he has a safe business, minimizing the risk of possible food poisoning and ensuring the correct management of his raw materials. With this system, the proper handling of the products by all employees and the rapid action against eventualities that may arise in a cheese shop is achieved.

With the start-up of the APPCC system in a cheese shop,an exhaustive control is established over the whole process, because, among other things, it will be ensured because the milk is in the right state, that the cisterns have no contaminants and that the cold chain does not break during transport, etc.

Relying on Abson, you will get greater consumer confidence, as well as an improvement in the economic profitability of cheesemaking,which will not be affected by failures in the process or economic sanctions.