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El sistema APPCC para restauración colectiva permite acabar con las amenazas que contaminan y ponen en riesgo su negocio.


As a rule, when we talk about hygiene and food safety we understand it and associate it with cleaning. But the reality includes many other activities, such as temperature control of chambers or hygiene control of establishments, processing processes and workers, as well as the handling of food and management of raw material inflows.

All collective restoration companies (children’s schools, hospital restoration, nursing homes) must have a preventive work system in hygiene and food safety in place as the population is at risk.

Abson self-control systems based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (APPCC) system for collective restoration

The consultant Abson designs, implements and audits self-control systems based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (APCC) system for collective restoration, establishes working procedures and good hygiene practices that improve the food safety and hygiene conditions of food prepared in these establishments.

The APPCC is a preventive work system for food companies that consists of carrying out a hazard analysis and critical control points of production processes that allow to ensure the safety of food, whether raw materials or finished products, and promotes adequate management of the processing processes thus reducing the likelihood of food poisoning. Through the APPCC, companies control the risks of food contamination, increase the confidence of their customers and avoid sanctions against possible health inspections.

The APPCC for collective restoration ensures hygiene and food safety, with a series of plans such as cleaning disinfection and maintenance of equipment-installations, establishing a plan of disinfection, disinfection and deratization, workers are trained on good hygiene practices in the processing processes, etc.

With this tool the number of critical points identified in such a facility will be properly controlled; the business will be managed focused on food security, reducing threats that could damage its products and that could harm the health of its customers.

In this way, with abson’s APPCC for collective restoration and its application of preventive measures that are in line with the danger generated, it will not only comply with food safety legislation, but will improve the quality of its production and service, making your business more profitable and improving the image of it; with the added advantage of being able to correct possible defects in the process, as well as modify and adjust the controls daily.