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Bet on an APPCC with guarantees and a comprehensive service

  • Abson offers food safety solutions that ensure regulatory compliance while increasing profitability.
  • Food safety guaranteed preventing Salmonella, E. Coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus…
  • Hospitality, Food Industry, Meat Industry, Bakeries, Restaurants, Dairy Industry, Wineries, Slaughterhouses, Cheese shops, Kitchens, Caterings…


APPCC guide and plan for hospitality and the food industry

Abson offers the consulting service on hygiene and food safety. Designs, implements, and audits self-control systems based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

The application of an APPCC guide is a legal requirement (Regulation 852/2004), which must be implemented throughout the entire food chain, except in primary production.

Abson is responsible for the implementation of general hygiene plans or good safety and hygiene practices that:

1. Ensure the highest quality of food products.
2. Eliminate legal, sanitary, etc. risks.
3. Make management more cost-effective and efficient.

Why have an APPCC consultancy like Abson in your company?

Regulatory compliance: avoid risk

Every food business must have a system of self-control implemented for legal reasons, although it is also essential for commercial and business management reasons.

Food safety: quality and good image

An APPCC ensures food safety, avoiding poisoning and loss in product quality. An APPCC in hospitality is the basis for quality certifications such as ISO 22000, BRC or IFS. In this way, an APPCC is a guarantee of quality and good reputation.

Advice: increased capacity and improvements

– Every businessman subcontracts or has expert staff in those areas of business management in which he is not an expert: billing, accounting, tax, labor…. But what about food security?

– The owner of a restaurant, cafeteria, catering, pastry… do you have enough knowledge about food safety, legislation, staff training, stock control…

More efficientmanagement: higher profitability

From Abson,through our food safety advisory department, we help entrepreneurs manage the variables that most economically affect a hospitality business:

– Personal: we train all staff, we hold everyone responsible for food security. All staff are responsible for the food safety of the establishment and each staff is assigned different responsibilities.

– Control of raw materials from transport, through unloading and correct stock rotation. We maintain the quality of the products, we avoid the reductions and expenses generated by the non-quality.

– We unify the quality of our products,regardless of the people who are working and at the time they request us. We protocol all activities avoiding changes and errors.

– We avoid sanctions and update the information with the new legislation. We are your interlocutor with the health authority, establishing conversations between professionals, leaving emotion aside.

Who needs an APPCC?

Any food business where food handling is in place needs a self-control system based on APPCC.

  • Hosteleria (restaurants, bars…)
  • Patisseries
  • Obradores
  • Catering
  • Butchers, fishmongers, fruit shops…

Abson offers services at the highest level of guarantee both for the large company and for the SME small business, through food security solutions and APPCC customized to their needs and resources.

Even the smallest businesses in the food and hospitality sector can count on Abson guarantees services, even if they cannot have internal quality departments,due to their dimensions or financial capacities.

Food security is a priority target for every food business. Avoid legal and health risks, make service more efficient, increase your profitability… Trust expert professionals.

In addition, Abson has specialized in helping businesses that struggle to have quality departments,because of their dimensions or financial capabilities.

What benefits do I get by counting abson as advisors?

If you choose Abson as appCC advice, you will get the following benefits:

  • Safer products for marketing.
  • Increased customer confidence.
  • Decrease commodity losses
  • Increased efficiency and productivity in the work of operators.
  • Decrease possible sanctions from the health authority.
  • Improved image and customer experience.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.