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The application of all practices of abson’s APPCC method will increase the competitiveness of dairy industries.


Dairy industries are responsible for ensuring food security and product health at all stages of the chain. In this control, all agents involved in the process, including carriers, analysis laboratories, collection and processing centers, etc. should be involved.

A poor dairy product can cause health problems to the public,leading to economic losses, administrative sanctions, and poor image problems. This is why the control of the production, processing and distribution process of dairy products is particularly important.

The APPCC System for Dairy Industries implemented by Abson

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system, APPCC, implemented by Abson,allows industries to endorse the appropriate conditions of the products offered.

The APPCC system ensures the proper functioning of the handling centres, through the control of the tanks (adequate temperature, without contaminants…), the reception conditions, the correct acidity of the milk, as well as the management of transport, both from livestock and to sales establishments.

Within this method, Abson allows to implement an adequate system of management of the traceability and control of suppliers, which will mean that dairy products, essential sources of nutrients, are safe and suitable for consumption by the public.

The application of all practices of the APPCC method will increase the competitiveness of dairy industries,ensure food security, and improve the economic profitability of the company.