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Bet on an APPCC consultancy with guarantees and a comprehensive service
  • Abson provides hospitality companies with specialized advice to ensure regulatory compliance and improve their profitability


APPCC System and Good Hygiene Practices in Hospitality. Why is it necessary?

Hospitality, collective catering and all those providing prepared meals have a legal obligation to implement a APPCC (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Analysis) system in your kitchens; it is necessary that the APPCC Prerequisites or Good Hygiene Practices are previously developed in the hospitality company.

The APPCC is a legal requirement marked by the European Union (Regulation 852/2004) and is applicable to all types of hospitality business, regardless of their size and characteristics (restaurants, bars, cafes, food truck, catering, communities, school canteens and hospitals…).

Thus, Abson Asepsia’s APPCC consulting services for restaurants and other hospitality companies avoid severe food sanctions and poisonings,as food safety is ensured for food products prepared in hospitality establishments, improving the quality of service and increasing customer confidence.

But in addition to regulatory compliance and improving food safety, the application of the APPCC and the advice of Abson Asepsia improve processes and make effective use of resources and therefore increase the efficiency and profitability of the hospitality business.

What is an APPCC System in Hospitality and Good Hygiene Practices?

The APPCC is a food safety and hygiene control tool in the kitchen, pillars of commercial catering and hospitality. The Correct Hygiene Practices and APPCC System in Hospitality identifies and evaluates the dangers that can affect the health of consumers and are properly managed by preventive measures.

All stages of the development process and all practices are taken into account. This includes both good handling practices, personal hygiene, cleaning and disinfection, the proper functioning of equipment with regulated temperature, freezing, defrosting, hygiene of vegetables, the design of installations… as well as the food traceability of the products (buying procedure, after the approval of suppliers…).

APPCC Prerequisites or Good Hygiene Practices are its basic pillar and are defined as those practices and conditions previously needed and during the implementation of the APPCC system that are essential for food security. Thus, among the works to be developed, they include prerequisite programs in accordance with the General Principles of Food Hygiene of the Codex Alimentarius.

What advantages does an APPCC system offer in a hospitality facility?

1- Regulatory compliance. The APPCC system is a legal imperative for hospitality. Risk of sanctions. Preparation of possible inspections by the authorities.

2- An APPCC in hospitality is the basis for specific quality certifications such as ISO 22000.

3- Safe and quality services. Food safety is guaranteed. It promotes trust and good customer service.

4- Process optimization, efficient use of resources: better raw material performance, process control, proper management of chambers and temperatures, preventive activities, training of personnel… Improved profitability.

Abson Asepsia, bets on an APPCC consultancy with guarantees and a comprehensive service.