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With the APPCC for kitchens you will ensure a safe and hygienic workspace.


Cooking is the key place when it comes to storing, handling and food processing, and in turn is the most vulnerable because of its easy contamination. The kitchen of any establishment where meals are served must be a space with adequate hygiene and that guarantees food safety. That products are not at risk of being contaminated, and where the quality of raw materials, in their ability to provide safety and acceptability by the consumer, is evident to users.

To do this, the use of a system that prevents and analyses these hazards has become an essential legal requirement, also presenting many other advantages. Abson’s Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (APPCC) system controls raw materials, the processing process, and the finished product, ensuring food safety from a preventive approach and trains staff to perform the processes hygienically.

Advantages of using the APPCC for Abson kitchens

Among the advantages of the use of the APPCC for Abson kitchens, in addition to the primary objective of product safety, are to promote a more effective use of cooking resources, to reduce costs by avoiding unsafe production and adequate rotation of the gender, to enable rapid and effective action in the face of food insecurity problems, to increase the confidence of its customers and health authorities , increase the safety of the final product, identify hazards at each stage of development and propose preventive measures, promote adaptation to technological changes, etc. In addition, the implementation of APPCC systems is a legal requirement at all levels of the food chain. So with its implementation you will avoid unexpected sanctions.

It should be noted that with the ABSon Kitchen APPCC will train its workers in good food handling practices and hygiene issues, instruct workers in the cleaning and disinfection processes of both facilities, utensils and cooking equipment as well as the raw materials it uses when cooking, control and avoid possible pests and control the supply of drinking water.

In this way the producer, manufacturer and consumers will be able to be certain that the desired levels of health, food safety and quality are achieved and maintained with the aim of producing safe food for customers.

With this Abson guarantees the safety of the food that kitchens offer to its customers, increasing their confidence and improving their brand image.