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ASP’s APPCC system for meat industry and butchers improves the safety and quality of meat production.


Meat is handled daily in the meat industry and in butchers. The fundamental role of the workers is the handling of this food, so that this product is very susceptible to being contaminated very easily in the establishment itself.

Both workers and the premises where meat products are handled can be a focus of microbial contamination. Given this and that contaminated food causes disease, there are measures to prevent and prevent this type of problem. Legally from meat slaughterhouses, meat industry, meat retail to meat products must ensure food safety; if these requirements are not met, it is exposed, for their non-compliance, to fines, penalties, closures…

Abson’s food safety system for butchers based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (APPCC) system has proven to be the most effective tool for ensuring the quality and safety of food that the meat industry offers its consumers.

APPCC Method: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

The way to ensure food safety of these products with abson’s APPCC system for butchers is by implementing a working method based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (APCC), as it works with products, meats, which are very perishable and easily contaminated.

This APPCC system will control critical points that may impair the condition of meat products. This examines and controls the temperature of cold rooms and outlets, the maintenance of equipment and facilities, an allergen control, vacuum packaging, monitoring the cooling of processed foods, etc. and also awareness and training of staff about the importance of hygiene, as well as care in the handling and storage of meat products.

The implementation of a APPCC system for Abson butchers is very cost-effective. With it you will avoid dangers and improve the image and productivity and competitiveness of your business, in addition to complying with food safety legislation.

With the APPCC, meats will be handled avoiding any type of microbial contamination throughout the process (hygiene of materials, equipment, and personnel and especially handling); so you will avoid economic costs due to failures in the production process, you will have less product losses due to spoiled, and increase the confidence of your customers.