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Abson’s eco ozone gets certified as ecological input

Abson’s ozone services and equipment for agriculture and industry, Ozone Eco Abson, have obtained the Certification of usable input in organic agriculture,granted by INTERECO. It is a voluntary certification, the system of which is based on documentary auditing, inspection visits and sampling. Thus, INTERECO has endorsed the eco ozone manufacturing and methodology protocol, for various ecological uses in agriculture and agri-food facilities: the cleaning and disinfection of irrigation facilities and tools used in agriculture; disinfection of agri-food equipment and facilities through the application of gaseous ozone and ozonized water; disinfection of equipment, containers, consumer utensils, surfaces or pipes related to the production, transport, storage or consumption of food or feed (including drinking water) for humans and animals; impregnate materials that may be in contact with food.

INTERECO is a grouping of the Public Authorities for the Control of Organic Agriculture responsible for the promotion, control and certification of products that come from organic agriculture. The Certificate of Product Usable in Organic Agriculture certifies that the products mentioned above are compliant for the recognized use indicated. Using INTERECO’s Input Certification Procedure.


ozone tool for agriculture and post-cast

The tool for agriculture and post-school Ozone-based abson turns out and reduces and/or prevents the use of polluting inputs or phytosanitary emissions for the prevention and control of diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms, while improving land fertility.

Due to the methodology used and its own nature, ozone does not leave any chemical residuals on the substrate or in the facilities or in agricultural products, as ozone naturally decomposes pure oxygen. It can be used as a treater and purifier for irrigation and spray water, disinfection of installations and machines… Abson’s ozone tool increases farm profitability.

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Environmentally friendly agriculture, a booming alternative

Organically produced farmers, eco-agricultural or traditional agriculture, as well as the authorities, are becoming more concerned with environmental careevery day. In this sense, organic production systems in agriculture and livestock prevent the use of synthesis chemicals (such as fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, etc.). It seems appropriate to stress that the overall objective of organic farming is to preserve the environment, maintain or increase soil fertility and provide food with all its natural properties.

In addition, all this is also making great value visible to consumers, who gradually become aware of the nature and danger of chemicals, pesticides, phytosanitary products… and, therefore, they request that the products they buy be more natural and healthy. Many studies indicate that production and responsible consumption will continue to grow very prominently over the next few years.

post-cast ozone services, hygiene and food safety

Because ozone leaves no chemical residual, Abson’s ozone systems for the food sector are very useful and safe for the hygiene of food, facilities and machinery. In addition, by providing a comprehensive service, the company helps the customer with regulatory compliance and improve process efficiency.

Ozone in the food industries can be used both gaseously and with ozonized water and ensures disinfection and hygiene without leaving any type of chemical waste,allowing it to be used for cleaning and disinfection.