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Improve environmental hygiene and make your business more profitable

  • Abson environmental hygiene services disinfect indoor air and surfaces, while eliminating odors.
  • They prevent contagion of diseases among people (disinfecting viruses, bacteria…), and improve the image of the establishment.
  • With periodic analyses to ensure disinfection and/or indoor air quality and residual ozone measurements.
  • Hospitality, hotels, geriatrics, offices, vehicles, shops, industry…
  • Indoor Air Quality (CAI) – Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in public buildings
  • Ozone cleaning and disinfection treatments


Currently, we spend most of our time indoors full of odors and with a higher level of biological contamination (viruses, bacteria, fungi…) and chemistry. Abson provides a complete environmental purification and disinfection service with air quality and certification studies to solve very common problems.

In this sense, it also offers, specifically, in the event that the client is legally obliged or so does not wish, audits of INTERIOR Air Quality CAI (Indoor Air Quality IAQ) in the facilities and / or premises analyzing the parameters described in the regulations regarding Quality of Indoor Environments and Quality and Environmental Health (NORMA UNE 171330 of Environmental Quality indoors; STANDARD UNE-EN 15251 of Parameters of the interior environment to be considered for the design and evaluation of the energy efficiency of buildings including indoor air quality, thermal conditions, lighting and noise; UNE-EN 13779 Standard Ventilation of Non-Residential Buildings. or requirements for the performance of ventilation systems and conditioning of enclosures, Royal Decree 238/2013, Royal Decree 1027/2007, UNE 100.012: Hygiene of Air conditioning systems.

On the one hand, the services of disinfection and cleaning of indoor air and O3 or H2O2+AG surfaces Abson are effective against microbiological contamination (viruses, bacteria…) in all types of indoor rooms and the air conditioning; improving comfort and environmental hygiene by preventing all kinds of contagious diseases; since the O3 or H2O2+AG gas by contact disinfects without distinction from pathogens Adenovirus , Parvovirus, Herpesvirus, Coronavirus, Rotavirus, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus…

In addition to its continuous environmental hygiene services, the company offers shock disinfection treatments against viruses, bacteria,etc. in the case of urgent needs such as microbiological proliferation, high risk of contagion between people, etc.

On the other hand, by means of air purifiers with absonhigh environmental filtration system, allergens (dust, mites, pollen) and contaminants (particles) can be eliminated, improving indoor air quality as well as the symptomatology of allergic people.

Finally, it should be noted that all Abson air treatment services ensure the elimination of unpleasant odors (bad odors), which also improves the comfort of indoor environments.

Different applications of disinfection of indoor environments

The indoor environments are diverse and the problems of the same different, therefore, the air purification solutions in each area must be differentiated.

Applications of purification and disinfection of air with O3 or H2O2+AG and / or air purifiers in the different places: offices, children’s schools, geriatrics, restaurants, cafes, gyms, clinics, hotels, homes.