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Disinfection Company

  • Disinfection and elimination treatments of viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • Environmental Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality (CAI).
  • Ozone disinfection specialists: more efficient and waste-free. Biocidal products recognized by ECHA (EU).
  • Specific protocol of action with custom disinfection solutions.
  • Prevention of diseases derived from pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Elimination of odors with healthier and more comfortable spaces.
  • ASP is a company registered with ROESB and meets the legal requirements of RD 1054/2002 and BPR.


Ozone disinfection treatments

  • Disinfection treatments of indoor environments and surfaces by air.
  • Surface disinfection treatments and machinery with ozonized water.

Ozone has proven for decades to be a very powerful and efficient disinfectant against all types of microorganisms (elimination of viruses, bacteria and fungi). Given its biocidal capacity and speed of action, it is very effective to carry out disinfection treatments, whether these shock disinfection treatments,periodic disinfection treatments for specific needs, continuous disinfection treatments (prevention, environmental hygiene, CAI) or disinfection treatments with odor removal.

Ozone in the gaseous state is effective for the treatment of air disinfection in indoor environments and the surfaces and machinery present in these environments. On the other hand, in the form of ozoned water, ozone is applied to disinfect surfaces and machinery; as well as surfaces that come into contact with food and food packaging (and food itself).

Ozone in its disinfection process does not generate any type of chemical residual,as it naturally breaks down into oxygen. That’s why it doesn’t pollute and doesn’t need after-application rinses. In this way, it is safer and more environmentally friendly than other biocidal disinfectants.

In any case, it seems appropriate to comment that ASP offers customized solutions to each case and/or client. In this sense, in addition to ozone, different methods and disinfectant products could be applied in a complementary and synergistic manner, if necessary to ensure the best results. In the same vein, pest control services are also offered.

Certificate of disinfection

ASP Asepsia, as a disinfection company registered in Spain (EU), specialist in surface disinfection and ozone installations, can certify disinfection treatment,whether of the type: continuous, periodic or shock. It has a team of highly qualified professionals in charge of providing advice and guaranteed services, always customized to the problems of each client.

EU Authorized Ozone CompanyEUO3TAISO 9001Online Trust Seal

Types of ozone disinfection treatments in facilities

Carrying out surface and plant disinfection treatments (indoor air) is an important measure of environmental hygiene and health control,as it prevents diseases in people arising from the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms.

Depending on the nature of the facility or sector of the company, or a particular casuistic, different types of disinfection treatmentswill be required. In this way, ASP Asepsia offers various modalities, always adapted and customized to each client.

  • Ozone shock disinfection treatments for confirmed presence of viruses, bacteria, molds…
  • Periodic ozone disinfection treatments for specific needs or problems (tailored services).
  • Continuous ozone disinfection treatments such as environmental hygiene measure, Indoor Air Quality.
  • Disinfection and odor removal treatments with ozone, controlling the substances that cause it.
  • Preventive counseling and disinfection to reduce the microbiological burden (viruses, bacteria…) and/or mitigate the risks of proliferation.
  • Preventive measures, environmental hygiene and disinfection with ozone against coronavirus.

All Abson Marbella disinfection services include professional advice, prior auditing, analytics, technical control and certification; using the highest quality european ozone equipment.

Ozone as a biocide

It should be noted that ozone is a disinfectant biocide included in Regulation (EU) No 528/2012, Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). Its usefulness has been referred to in various publications of institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) and ECHA (The European Chemicals Agency) – European Union (EU); as well as in various scientific and professional studies in different sectors.

The effectiveness of ozone depends on its correct application,so it is necessary that the installation, use, maintenance and application of disinfection services with ozone systems for biocidal purposes be carried out by highly specialized companies and professionals. In this sense, ASP Asepsia can safely and effectively carry out the ozone disinfection service, which necessarily includes the development of previous audits, technical and analytical control. Similarly, as a registered disinfection company ASP provides a certificate of disinfection treatment.

The use of ozone as a disinfectant biocide is only legal, safe and effective if applied by qualified professionals, under appropriate methodologies and strict protocols. It should be noted that it is mandatory for the undertakings responsible to comply with the requirements set out in the European BPR Regulation. That’s why you rely only on companies that guarantee their services and legal compliance.