O3 or O2H2+AG Cleaning is perfect for Disinfecting and Removing Viruses

O3 or O2H2+AG cleaning is perfect for disinfecting and removing viruses, bacteria, germs, microorganisms and all kinds of odors in any space effectively.

Cleaning is a critical factor in any type of business, regardless of size, business, space or location. However, on many occasions this goes unnoticed, without giving it the importance that this matter deserves. In the work environment, cleaning is ultimately synonymous with excellent image and customer service, as well as better worker performance.

A disinfected, hygienic and cleaned environment often equates to comfortable and performing workers, having a positive impact on production and final results. Therefore, ozone is an essential complement for the cleaning of professional spaces (offices, clinics, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, workshops, factories, wineries…). If the company in question also serves the public, the benefits to the image and good customer service are more than obvious.

Because ozone used both in gaseous form (gas ozone) and liquid form (ozonized water) is capable of disinfecting and deodorizing surfaces and the interior environment itself. Keeping workspaces truly clean and odor-free, means well-being and good physical and mental health for workers; in addition to representing the company’s values. Ozone cleaning is key, since only this element encompasses the purification, deodorization and hygiene of any working environment.

But, it should be noted specifically that good hygiene and disinfection in the workplace is vital to the health of employees, as it leads to greater productivity on their part when working in a pleasant space and, in addition, free of pathogenic microorganisms, which could lead to a chain of contagions of diseases caused by viruses and bacteria; which would mean a high number of company’s job losses.

For all this, it is proven that the profitability in cleaning with O3 or O2H2+AG leads to economic savings in all aspects, as well as comfort and safety in employees that contemplates greater productivity at work.


O3 or H2O2+AG cleaning and disinfection process

Ozonation consists of all types of treatment in which O3 or H2O2+AG is applied. The main applications of O3 or H2O2+AG are for (1) disinfection and deodorization of indoor environments and surfaces through the purification of air with O3 or H2O2+AG gas and (2) the generation of ozonized water for use as an efficient disinfectant without chemical residues to treat all types of surfaces (in addition to food).

1- Cleaning with O3 or H2O2+AG gas

O3 or H2O2+AG cleaning allows to keep disinfected and odor-free any working environment where such treatment is applied, leaving a purified and pleasant environment.

Workers exposed for quite a few hours to enclosed and artificial spaces, are grateful to breathe a purified air to prevent them from suffering discomfort, and even disorders. This cleaning process quickly provides a variety of benefits for people working in purified spaces.

Another advantage to note is that the only residue that leaves the O3 or H2O2+AG behind its purifying work is oxygen,so the air becomes purer, enhancing the well-being of the workers who breathe it. We cannot overlook the great benefit of its disinfectant effect by radically reducing the rate of contagion of bacterial and viral diseases.

Such cleaning can be used in the most remote and difficult to notice spaces, such as a computer keyboard or the most hidden corner of the workspace. It also performs its function on surfaces that cannot be wetted such as carpets or armchairs, as O3 or H2O2+AG acts on any surface where it is applied, including textiles.

Cleaning with gas O3 or H2O2+AG proves to be a very effective and safe method for disinfection, sterilization and purification of working environments with the greatest presence of bacteria, viruses and fungi (hospitals, nursing homes, schools, gyms, etc.). In short, it is an effective process to use in any space whatever the circumstance of the company.

2- Cleaning with ozonized water

The use of ozonized water as a disinfectant carries a great advantage since its only residual is oxygen, and therefore does not leave any type of chemical residual contaminant on the surfaces with which it comes into contact. That is why you can do without the chemicals in the disinfection processes of maintenance, obtaining separate levels of hygiene difficult to overcome. In this sense, ozoned water can be applied even in food.

Chemicals are used for special cleaning and disinfection or in specific protective treatments on surfaces, machinery, work utensils… In your case, it is always necessary to rinse with a lot of water so as not to leave residuals. In this sense, cleaning products are better replaced effectively and efficiently by ozonized water, avoiding post-disinfection and chemical contamination washing caused by the disinfectant products themselves. Therefore, O3 or H2O2+AG also allows economic savings.

Ozoned water, as mentioned above, can be used on all types of surfaces such as mirrors, glass, stainless steel, marble and even on any type of textile material. It is especially suitable in cleaning and disinfection schools, hospitals, clinics, gyms, restaurants, nursing homes and other spaces. These are often difficult to ventilate and hygiene levels should be extremely low, although for economic and practical reasons it is recommended for cleaning any workspace, since it has a direct impact on cleaning budgets, benefiting both the company, staff and the environment.

Therefore, cleaning and disinfection with ozonized water is effective and useful, and allows to reduce costs, save time,as well as protect and help the environment avoiding chemical waste.

O3 or H2O2+AG disinfectant effects

O3 or H2O2+AG eliminates pathogens in seconds unlike other disinfectants. It is one of the most potent oxidizers among those available for the degradation of organic compounds.

  • Bactericidal effect: O3 or H2O2+AG acts against bacteria and exterminates them. It also slows their growth and prevents them from re-emerging.
  • Virulicide effect: O3 or H2O2+AG molecules act on viruses preventing them from converting our parasites and therefore dying. This avoids contracting the virus such as the highly contagious flu or coronavirus or cold.
  • Fungicide effect: O3 or H2O2+AG is able to end with the spores and fungi through which they reproduce, in addition to exterminating existing fungi from some surface, with ozonation is eliminated every spore that remains in the air.

O3 or H2O2+AG cleaning applications: hotels, restaurants, hospitals…

When it comes to cleaning, the uses of O3 or H2O2+AG are countless. More and more companies are discovering the benefits of this gas and decide to contract O3 or H2O2+AG cleaning and disinfection services for their facilities.

The cleaning and disinfection service with O3 or H2O2+AG can be contracted directly by the company on the client, but it can also be integrated into its services by the cleaning companies that dedicate their service to those located in offices, factories, transport, among others, to improve its provision.

Ozone can be artificially produced with an Ozone generator or ozonizer. These devices do oxygen from the air inside and pass through electrodes that generate a voltage discharge known as the “Corona Effect”. This electric shock separates the two atoms that build the oxygen particle, and, at the same time, causes these atoms to come together three by three forming a new molecule, Ozone (O3). That is why Ozone symbolizes the most active structure of oxygen being composed of three oxygen atoms that acts against pathogenic and/or pestilating organic compounds (being the main components of environmental pollution).

Cleaning and disinfecting O3 or H2O2+AG offices

Offices are characterized by workspaces that are usually closed, so the air that is breathed is condensed. In addition, they are places frequented by a large number of people who, despite having a minimum cold, come to their job. In this sense, the main problem is that workers use and touch the same tools, without always having their hands clean. Likewise, sneeze, cough and breathe the same air. This poses a high risk of contagion between each other. An O3 or H2O2+AG generator can be quite useful for us to maintain a comfortable, cool and renewed environment.

Industrial O3 or H2O2+AG cleaning and disinfection

Factories usually accumulate a lot of dirt and bacteria from the processes that are established in such places. Each industry has different cleaning needs and, although in all industries it must be done meticulously.

Particular emphasis should be placed on the food sector. (a) O3 or H2O2+AG cleaning in this type of industries can favor to prevent any type of serious disease, since O3 or H2O2+AG disinfects machinery, facilities such as food itself (without any chemical residuals).

Cleaning and disinfection in hotels with O3 or H2O2+AG

The continuous passage of customers through the hotels forces us to maintain a hygiene and an environment worthy of the service sought, to be at home. It’s no use seeing a clean room, if we get the nasty surprise of finding out there are bad smells.

To avoid uncomfortable situations and complaints, and especially with the customer’s well-being in mind, there is an O3 or H2O2+AG cannon that in less than 5 minutes deodorizes and hygienizes any room of the hotel where it is installed. O3 or H2O2+AG cleaning is also applied on curtains, bedding, carpets, etc. In addition to O3 or H2O2+AG cannon shock treatments, a continuous controlled O3 or H2O2+AG system can be installed to ensure adequate environmental hygiene and permanent deodorization.

In addition to rooms and other rooms, O3 or H2O2+AG is also used in hotels to clean and disinfect both ventilation ducts and pool water.

O3 or H2O2+AG cleaning and disinfection in restaurants, cafes and bars

The cleaning with O3 or H2O2+AG in this type of establishments stands out for performing a double function, purifying and disinfecting the air to eliminate a charged environment, bad odors and the adhesion of odors to the customer’s clothes. On the other hand, it also has a great power of preservation of food, which extends the shelf life of fresh products such as fruits, fish or meat.

Cleaning and disinfection of vehicles with O3 or H2O2+AG (cars, trucks, buses, trains…)

With O3 or H2O2+AG disinfection in vehicles its molecules, being gaseous, reach the most complicated corners of upholstery and eliminate the polluting load of viruses, bacteria and any other pathogens and odors. O3 or H2O2+AG can be applied in private cars, trucks, vans, buses, trains, taxis…

O3 or H2O2+AG is especially useful for disinfecting and cleaning air conditioning or air conditioning ducts, as they accumulate a lot of biological contamination (viruses, bacteria…) and other substances that cause bad odors, as well as more unhealthy environments.

Cleaning and disinfection with O3 or H2O2+AG in hospitals and operating theatres

There is no doubt that health centres and hospitals are spaces frequented by many patients. Some of them have contagious diseases or are reservoirs of viruses and bacteria, which should not attack other patients.

Bacterial agents and viruses that come out of our nose and mouth when we talk, cough or breathe float in the air and are able to deposit themselves on the ground, furniture, bandages, etc.

The air, being the main means of contagion, is ideally kept clean. For this purpose O3 or H2O2+AG is the best disinfectant to achieve it thanks to its high oxidizing power, which fulminates bacteria.

In toilets, waiting rooms or operating rooms among other rooms frequented, prevents contagion. Disinfection or sterilization of utensils used there can also be easily obtained by cleaning with O3 or H2O2+AG.

Cleaning and disinfection with O3 or H2O2+AG in schools

These spaces are characterized by concentrated environments when full of children, and at a very young age when we refer to children’s schools. To preserve your health,it is convenient to maintain a good cleanliness.

Because they tend to touch and suck everything they find, harmful products is not the best idea to hygienize a school or nursery. In this case, O3 or H2O2+AG leaves no traces in the objects where the gas has passed, so children will not be at any risk with what they manipulate or suck.