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Disinfection of Food with Ozonized Water

Food hygiene is essential today in two ways:

  • The legal requirements of the European Union.
  • The sensitivity and demand of increasingly demanding consumers.

Abson offers food hygiene solutions compatible with respect for the environment. In addition, they do not cause chemical residue problems on the food.


The use of ozoned water in the food industry

Abson systems based on ozonized water are very useful in all types of food industries for food hygiene. Thanks to the oxidation potential of ozone and its ability to dilute in water, we can get a liquid with a great active disinfectant power against a wide spectrum of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses, …..) and with the advantage that its only residual is oxygen.

Ozonized water is a great disinfectant medium for use on work surfaces, CIP systems, meats, fish, fruits and vegetables; and pack washing.

It also allows the quality departments of each industry to control the effectiveness of treatment with a direct measure such as redox potential.

The great advantages of using ozoned water in the food industry are:

  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • It can be used in the presence of people
  • It does not leave chemical residuals on food and surfaces.
  • Reduces cleaning and disinfection process time.
  • Reduces the time and expenses in rinsing, since the chemical residual should not be eliminated.

Food industries every day need to produce food to the market and must meet safety requirements, taking into account that they can increasingly use fewer chemicals because of their residuals and effects on the environment.

Therefore, ozone, and especially the use of ozoned water, is a very effective means for food hygiene, while also promoting longer shelf life without using chemicals.