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A comprehensive solution to improve profitability

  • ASP services ensure food safety and regulatory compliance.
  • They also improve efficiency and profitability in the food sector: industry, hospitality, post-cast…
  • ASP solutions eliminate and prevent E. Coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus, among other pathogens.


Abson provides the food industry, hospitality and agricultural industry with food disinfection and hygiene systems (fruits, vegetables and fish), indoor environments, machinery, pipes and handling surfaces that are environmentally friendly, consumer health and industry workers. These are solutions based on ozone generation. Despite its disinfectant power of enormous efficiency it has as its only residual, both in environment and in water, oxygen, totally safe.

Thanks to Abson’s services, the food industry can bring to market safe products with a long shelf life and without hazardous chemicals. On them, the legislation is more restrictive, and they are also rejected by consumers.

Ozone in cold rooms and handling rooms

The ozonation of chambers allows to extend the shelf life of products whether meat, dairy, fruit fish and /or vegetables. Being in ozonized chambers we eliminate surface microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and viruses) and in the case of fruits and vegetables we also eradicate ethylene by slowing the ripening cycle of them.

Ozonized environments in the case of handling rooms prevent cross-contamination and environmental contamination.

Ozonized water as a disinfectant without residue

Ozonized water is very useful for the disinfection of food, whether meat, fish, fruits and/or vegetables. Washing these with hyperozonized water allows the high disinfection of them without chemical residuals of any kind and without altering the organoleptic conditions of them. Abson ozone systems can be easily integrated into various processes and installations, including hydrocooling.

Ozonized water is also used for the hygiene and disinfection of surfaces, manipulators, machinery, cutting tools and for CIP cycles.

Comprehensive service

Abson is an ally of the food industries of meat, fish, canning, dairy, fruits, vegetables, etc. Thanks to its multidisciplinbar team you can collaborate and adapt to the various self-control systems (APPCC) and work together with your quality and food safety department.

The ozone services and equipment of Abson Asepsia, Ozone Eco, count the Certification of usable input in organic agriculture, granted by INTERECO for various ecological uses in agriculture, livestock and food hygiene: cleaning and disinfection of irrigation facilities and agricultural tools; disinfection of agri-food equipment and facilities with ozone gas and ozoned water; disinfection of equipment, containers, consumer utensils, surfaces or pipes related to production, transport storage, or consumption of food or feed (including drinking water) for humans and animals; impregnate materials that may be in contact with food.