Do you want your center to feel clean and not “smell geriatric”?

  • Abson ensures sanitized and more pleasant environments in nursing homes.
  • Residents, professionals and family members will speak better and recommend it.


Geriatric centres or nursing homes are places where cleanliness, hygiene and air purification are essential because the population of these are immunocompromised people, with chronic diseases and with a delicate state of health.

Abson offers services adapted to the needs of the different areas of the geriatric centers:

    • Reception, entrance

This is the business card of any residence, but it is common that many of the unpleasant smells that form in other areas of the residence accumulate in this place. This area is home to all the people who visit the residence, the relatives and the people who are looking for a geriatric center for their families. It is very important that this first impression is as healthy as possible, as we are all looking for a clean, safe and healthy place for our elders.

    • Common salons

In these meeting rooms residents spend most of the day. It is the place where they receive their relatives and therefore they are spaces where the influx of people is very high. This coupled with the type of medicated residents, who wear diapers and have urine leak problems, and the proximity of the geriatric baths make the presence of charged environment and unpleasant odors very intense.

Likewise, we find a population with a delicate state of health and low defenses, so it is necessary a continuous disinfection of the air, which avoids contagion between users and contagions by the high presence of people from abroad.

    • Geriatric baths

The rooms where diaper changes are made and used by the most assisted people have very intense unpleasant smells. This affects the residents, family members and workers of the center. Continuous disinfection of these places is much needed.

    • Assisted area and people with

They are places where hygiene and deodorization are essential, for this we have continuous systems of disinfection and deodorization or with O3 or H2O2+AG shock treatment.

All Abson treatments have hygienization certificates, analytics and residual O3 or H2O2+AG measurements to ensure the health of residents, visitors and family members.