Do you want your customers to recommend you for having the material and gym disinfected and deodorized?

  • ASP services prevent contagion in sports centers, both in the room and wet rooms.
  • Customers will feel more at ease in a sanitized and odor-free environment.


Sports centres and gyms are places where air quality is often negatively affected due to the activity that takes place in these establishments: cycling rooms, bodybuilding, martial arts classes, cardio, etc.

In all these places we find many people performing intense physical activities, in which it sweats, so the feeling of loaded environment and bad smell in very strong. On the other hand, in some of these activities we have direct contact of feet and other areas of the body with tatamis and machinery, so continuous disinfection of the air is done more than necessary, by hygiene and to avoid contagion.

Thanks to Abson’s service, gyms and sports centers can offer their customers clean, odor-free spaces and healthy environments, especially in times of increased influx of customers and people interested in knowing the center’s facilities.

The special problem of changing rooms

On the other hand, all these spaces, gyms, sports centers, spas and swimming pools have changing rooms where users change, shower, keep their clothes and shoes. The changing rooms are usually areas where unpleasant smells are made by the large influx of people, shoes, the use of toilets and showers.

These odors, from organic matter, not only cause unpleasant sensations in the customers and bad image of the establishment, but are also symptoms of the presence of molds and fungi, mainly in wet areas, being usual the contagion of these in public locker rooms.
Thanks to abson’s service, we will have a continuous disinfection system that minimizes the risks of contagion, while improving the image of the place after continuously removing all kinds of odors.

Show your client your commitment to a safe and healthy indoor environment.
Put the Abson Environmental Quality Seal and sanitary hygienic control sheets in your gym or sports center.