Higroregulatory Air Tickets


According to CTE HS3 Chapter 3, paragraph 3.2.1 Opening and ventilation hydrants

The air inlets are intended to bring the new air into the main rooms of the house: living room, dining room, bedrooms. These are indispensable in all types of Simple Flow Controlled Mechanical Ventilation.


The air inlets are installed in carpentry, blind box, through the wall. The type and number of inputs depend on the flow rates indicated in the CTE HS3.


Hygroregulatory air inlets.
Acoustic hygrorregulable air inlets.

Intended to introduce new air into the main rooms of a house, the hygrorregulable air inlets are characterized on the one hand, by a variable flow between 6 and 45 m3/h, depending on the humidity rate of the room by a pressure difference of 20 Pa and on the other hand by its level of sound insulation. The acoustic Higro air inlets have a sound insulation level that meets the demands of the CTE.

Aerobic features

Nominal aerobic characteristics are based on the humidity rate of the indoor air and by a pressure difference of 20 Pa.


+ HEALTHY AIR: Ventilating when and where it is needed.
+ ECONOMIC SYSTEM: Thanks to the regulation of the flow rates of the extracted air.
+ GREATER ENERGY SAVING: When ventilating the premises where it is necessary; the system allows a decrease in the overall ventilation flow.