Homes are indoor environments in which we spend much of our lives and in which our most helpless loved ones are present: children, babies, the elderly and sick people. They suffer from pollution and environmental burden as much as if they were in any other space.

In addition we have at many times of the year problems to ventilate by low temperatures and / or by the location of the home (places with a lot of traffic that introduce pollution into the interior of the houses and cause noise problems).

On the other hand, increasingly we encounter people with breathing problems type asthma, bronchiolitis, in the little ones, and people with allergies to dust, pollen, mites.


Abson has a wide range of products to avoid the symptoms of these problems by removing the following contaminants from the household environment:

    • Removing odors

Kitchens, toilets and inadequate ventilation produce unpleasant odors in the houses. Abson’s deodorization system does not camouflage them, just as air fresheners and perfumes do, but eradicate the causes of odor by eliminating the root problem.

    • Dust, pollen, mites

Through our high-efficiency air purifiers we retain these very common allergens that affect the health of people with allergies so much. Purifiers make the home a place where allergy sufferers feel good.

    • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

COVs are air pollutants that arise from building materials, furniture, cleaning products. These are contaminants that, over time, accumulate in the organisms and some are carcinogenic.

    • Chemical pollution and diesel particulate matter

From the outside they sneak into households different pollutants that are very harmful to people’s health and resemble the problem of ‘passive smoker’. With Abson you can get your home free from this pollution; even though I lived in the center of a big city.

    • Other pollutants and tobacco

Abson has systems capable of eliminating other contaminants, such as that from tobacco, eliminating smoke and odor from it in your home.