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Food Safety in Hospitality

The hospitality sector includes many establishments very diverse in their form and risk for food security: bars, cafes, restaurants, prepared food establishments, the catering area of hotels, catering, takeaway, etc.

It is a sector with a high difficulty when it comes to maintaining food security,because it works with a multitude of raw materials, at very different times and with a lot of staff turnover.

In addition, the product being served must be adapted to the different orders of customers, making it difficult to pre-plan raw materials.


Abson offers:

1. Hygiene and disinfection of food by ozoning cold rooms, handling rooms and washing with ozoned water of raw materials, surfaces and handlers.
In this way, we extend the shelf life of the products, avoid biological contamination with the risk that it entails and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

2. Design, implementation and monitoring of self-control plans based on APPCC. In this way we protocolize work in the kitchen, train all the staff, we hold all the staff responsible for food safety; and we control suppliers and the work of our staff through analytics and audits.
Last but not least, we mediate with the health authority being the food safety advisors for your business.

3. Integrated pest control,in an environmentally friendly manner, workers and customers of establishments. This gives priority to measures in which the use of chemicals is always less, ensuring the success of our treatments, since pests of both rodents and cockroaches pose a very serious threat to food hygiene as they can transmit diseases.