Have you ever been given a bad-smelling room? Want to risk a bad opinion on the internet?

  • When the client enters the room he will perceive that as if he were branding it: clean, disinfected and without any odor.
  • ASP provides healthier and more comfortable hotels for guests who will be recommended.


Abson provides hotel managers with services to ensure a better experience for their customers, always being able to offer rooms without unpleasant smells, disinfected and with a feeling of healthy space.

In Spain today we have a modern network of hotels with magnificent facilities and a very competitive value for money. But, despite these efforts, more and more comments are found on the sites, where users evaluate these establishments, of hotel customers unsatisfied with the rooms due to odour problems or lack of hygiene perceived by a rarefied environment.

You can avoid complaints and return of rooms for the presence of unpleasant smells (humanity, food, tobacco, ….) and at the same time guarantee your client hygienized rooms in those areas where daily disinfection is not frequent: upholstery, carpets, curtains, walls, ceilings, air conditioning ducts.

For this purpose Abson has developed two distinct products/services:

    • Healthy Room

It is an automated service that provides O3 or H2O2+AG in the rooms 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Eliminates all types of microorganisms, chemical contaminants and odors. In order for the user of the room to have the greatest guarantees of disinfection, hygiene in the room and the highest quality of the air he breathes, Abson analyzes microbiologically periodically the room and, in turn, measures the O3 or H2O2+AG residuals to ensure the best environmental and surface treatment without leaving any residual in the room.

    • Room Shock Treatment

Abson provides the hotel’s cleaning team with a quick and practical tool for you to deodorize and hygieize any room in less than 5 minutes with: abson’s O3 or H2O2+AG cleaning.

On the other hand, Abson provides you with an environmental quality audit service in the rooms treated with our O3 or H2O2+AG cleaning, doing random analyses of the treated rooms, as well as technical service to solve any incident as soon as possible.

Abson can also help in other areas of the hotel in the purification of air and elimination of all kinds of odors: public toilets, restaurants, buffet area, lounges, gyms, changing rooms, pool area and spa…..