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Water with ozone in hydroponic crops and increase your profitability

Ozone systems for agriculture are very cost-effective, improve production, prevent plant diseases and convert wastewater into disinfectant.


Advanced ozone-based solutions for water treatment in hydroponic crops, in which the substrate is replaced with a liquid where nutrients are added for plants. Ozone becomes a very effective system for the disinfection of circuit water, as ozone is able to eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses (just as it does in the disinfection of soils and plant substrates). In this way, it is possible to avoid the biggest problem of these innovative installations: the proliferation of microorganisms in the nutrient solution, which affects very negatively the harvest.

Ozone significantly improves water quality. Not only because of its disinfectant capabilities, as mentioned, but because ozone is broken down into oxygen, it causes the roots to oxygenate and the plant to grow more lustrous. This results in increased production on the farm while avoiding diseases.

In addition, ozone leaves no chemical residuals,making it completely harmless to the environment and plants. Therefore, the use of hazardous and expensive chemicals is avoided. Ozone cleans water waste, making it reuse without any problem. This is one of the uses of ozone to treat wastewater.

On the other hand, ozone systems for hydroponic crops are very profitable for the farmer, but they have to be tailored to each farm and follow a series of methodologies and maintenance to be so effective in the short and long term. Because ASP is a manufacturer of ozone generators and has a technical service close to the areas of higher horticultural production, it can offer customized services for each particular farm.