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Energy savings in Industrial Laundry

Industrial laundry facilities count in their cleaning processes with high energy consumption to heat water and great use of chemicals that deteriorate the garments and pollute the water.

Thanks to Abson systems based on the use of ozonized water, the use of hot water as well as disinfectant chemicals can be significantly reduced.

Ozone is a powerful disinfectant and bleach with the advantage that it leaves no chemical residuals, and is less harmful to clothing, people and the environment.


Reducing risks from the use of perchloroethylene

Another major problem with laundry and dry cleaning is the use of perchloroethylene for dry cleaning. Much has been written about the harmful effects on workers and is even considered to be a likely carcinogenic product.

Abson offers air purification systems that reduce air VOC and make it healthier.

It also periodically audits the air quality and safety of industrial dry cleaners and laundromats to all our customers.