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Effective, fast and environmentally friendly treatment to remove iron and manganese from water

  • Excess iron and manganese in water for consumption or washing causes color problems, stains, poor taste, even health problems. In irrigation and process water spoils pipes and water outlets.
  • A study developed by ASP Asepsia shows that ozone is a real alternative to remove iron and manganese in waters effectively, quickly and completely ecologically (no chemical residual).


The presence of dissolved iron and manganese in water occurs naturally in ground or mineral waters. Such presence from a given concentration may be polluting and may cause the water to be in optimal condition for the intended use. The limits of presence of both dissolved metals in water for human consumption are 200 g/L for iron and 50 g/L for manganese in accordance with RD 140/2003, Annex I, which sets out the values of the indicator parameters for human consumption waters.

Excessive concentration of these contaminants can mainly cause deposition, coloration and water flavor problems. In drinking water, in the concentrations where these contaminants are usually found in water, they do not usually cause health problems. In the case of continued consumption of water with high concentrations of iron, cases of hemochromatosis, a disease that causes fatigue, weakness and in severe cases, jaundice, joint and chest pain and arrhythmias have occurred.

In the case of the presence of iron and manganese in irrigation waters and process waters, the presence of iron and manganese generates Severe damage to pipes, pipes and water outlets,since in the presence of oxygen from the air, these metals oxidize, generating insoluble stable forms that are deposited on the surfaces, causing obstructions that prevent the passage of water and overpressures in the racking of them. In addition, the presence of iron and manganese microcrystals in water causes damage to mechanical equipment such as drive pumps,since the impact of these crystals with the impellers rotating at high speed forms structural damage, in many cases irremediable, in these equipment, reducing their lifespan.

Advantages of iron and manganese removal in ozoned waters

Abson Asepsia, as a company specialized in ozone water treatment services, offers the possibility of eliminating iron and manganese with ozone in an effective, fast and totally ecological way. Abson Asepsia’s iron and manganese removal processes allow most of these contaminants to be removed into the water, reducing their impact on the final water destination, as well as on pipes and mechanical equipment.

Abson Asepsia’s specialized ozone method for the removal and treatment of iron and manganese in water is based on the controlled oxidation of such dissolved metals in water, so that they can be filtered later and obtained a high quality water, without providing color or flavor, keeping the physical-chemical parameters of the water intact and completely reducing the possibility of inlays.

The treatment process of Abson Asepsia has very important advantages over other alternatives as they are that the installation is quick and simple and can be started to use from the first moment, does not require the introduction of hazardous chemicals into the water, does not require storage of reagents, does not leave residuality of chemicals and does not lose efficiency over time.

Abson Asepsia water treatment services: iron and manganese disposal and treatment

Abson Asepsia offers ozone services customized to every need and problem. With more than 20 years of experience is a company proven in the application of ozone for water treatment of all kinds through exclusive methodologies and own high quality equipment designed and manufactured in Spain by Abson.

In this way, thanks to its specialized team and extensive means to respond to the needs and expectations of customers who require solutions to their problems with iron and manganese dissolved in water and avoid all problems, both non-compliance and to prevent damage to infrastructure (pipes, water outlets), as well as prevent stains on materials from washing with water with excess contaminant (clothing, tablecloths, cutlery..) and improve the quality and appearance of water for consumption.

Sectors of interest in the disposal and treatment of iron and manganese in water

This study is aimed at sectors that may present problems of the presence of iron and manganese dissolved in water, especially those that take groundwater, wells, iron distribution networks of a certain age.

Some of these sectors where these services are useful in:

  • Bottling companies
  • Manufacturers and care services for washing machines and boilers
  • Plumbing companies
  • Laundries
  • Food industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Steel industries
  • Galvanizing industries and metal coatings
  • Companies responsible for swimming pools
  • Human consumption water managers
  • Agricultural-agricultural and irrigation companies