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Control de Legionella

Legionella is an environmentally sourced bacterium that causes pneumonia in humans. This bacteria is present in water and the health risk occurs when aerosols are produced in water contaminated with the bacteria and the person breathes these aerosols.

Therefore, facilities such as cooling towers, fountains, water diffusers, showers, condensative evaporators, fire systems and water tanks are regulated under the RD. 865/2003, establishing hygienic-sanitary criteria for the prevention and control of legionellosis.


ASP system against legionella

ASP systems based on the use of ozone in these risk facilities to disinfect water is a very effective method, since ozone is a powerful disinfectant with a wide spectrum range of action and with the advantage that it leaves no chemical waste.

It should also be noted that facilities where water cannot carry high chemical waste, ozone treatment is even more advantageous.

Swimming pools, sanitary water, residence showers, humification cooling systems are places where chemical shock water treatments are very problematic and safety deadlines or isolate areas are necessary.

Continuous and shock treatments can be performed simultaneously with the use of the facilities (workers, users), without any risk to health.