Ozone, the best disinfectant for air, water, food and surfaces

  • Ozone has proven to be the best and most efficient disinfectant.
  • Ozone in its disinfection process does not generate any type of chemical residual.
  • Ozone has deodorizing properties (eliminates root odors).
  • Definitive, efficient and ecological solution for the elimination of pathogenic contaminants.


The different industrial activities, the different habits of the human being, as well as the daily use of certain products and services, expose us every day to numerous physical, chemical and biological pollutants that negatively affect our health. But they also affect our quality of life, because they generate uncomfortable spaces, with a charged environment and bad odors, since these are a symptom of contamination.

Ozone has been shown from one of the largest disinfectants, both to disinfect air (environmental health), disinfect water (water treatment), disinfect food, surfaces and machinery in food industries (hygiene and food safety).

A key advantage is that ozone in its disinfection process does not generate any type of chemical residual,as this gas is naturally converted into oxygen.

On the other hand, it must be explained that thanks to this effect, ozone has deodorizing properties,because it acts on the chemicals that cause these odors. Fungi, bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms are transmitted through air, water and even our food. Thanks to human development we have learned to use all kinds of disinfectants and air fresheners to try to alleviate the reproduction of these microorganisms, but all of them agree to be ineffective in the long term, besides being quite strong, causing unpleasant odors and sometimes also chemical contamination. Most even cause a rebound effect. As for example is the case of air fresheners, since they do not remove the contaminants that produce the odor are only added to them (trying to cover with their odor the smell of others), even new pathogens can be created.

More and more people and companies are betting on a definitive, efficient and ecological solution for the elimination through continuous treatments or shock treatments of these pathogenic pollutants: ozone. It is a gas that is in nature naturally and has a great disinfectant and purifying power, and deodorizing, which does not leave chemical residual, because it quickly breaks down into oxygen.

How is it possible for ozone to permanently eliminate all these pollutants?

Because ozone works by killing the particle directly through its cell membrane, ensuring that it does not reappear. It is also odorless, so it not only neutralizes any type of odor, but does not refer to particular odors at the end of use. It should be noted that ozone also does not confine any side effects, being respectful of the environment and products, ensuring the well-being of people.

Abson offers ozone services to companies, through ozone systems, with ozone generators, design and own manufacturing. The first step is a pre-audit to detect needs and find the most effective solution. Subsequently the system is implemented and maintenance is carried out with periodic analyses to confirm the proper functioning and fulfillment of the objectives.

In this way, Abson’s services are fully customized for troubleshooting and improving processes, air quality, water, and food safety and hygiene. With Abson,healthier environments, waters with more quality and safer and higher quality food.