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Do you want to avoid diseases without expensive and polluting chemicals?

  • ASP ozone systems increase the productivity and profitability of the farm (agriculture and post-cast).
  • Prevent and treat diseases in all types of crops, including greenhouses, hydroponic crops, seedlings and nurseries.


Ozone is an effective natural disinfectant composed of three oxygen atoms, whose main advantage for use in agriculture and food industries is that it breaks down into oxygen when it has already acted. Therefore it does not leave any type of chemical waste,either in the installation or in the food product.

Ozone systems for agriculture are very useful and offer great benefits, since, in addition to leaving no residue, they improve production, prevent and treat diseases, save on chemicals, favor rooting… This significantly increases profitability.

It should be noted that ozone has been shown to be a very effective alternative to prevent and control root and stem diseases(Phytophthora, Fusarium, Pythium, Rhizoctonia…) and aerial diseases(Mycosphaerella, Botrytis, Sclerotinia, Mildiu, Alternaria, Oídio…).

In post-cast, Abson’s ozone systems have application for washing with disinfection of fruits and vegetables without leaving chemical residue (including in hydrocooling systems), as well as to improve conservation and control ethylene in cold rooms. Also for hygiene of clean rooms, packaging, machinery…

Ozone systems for agriculture and post-cast

  • Irrigation and treatments with ozonized water and ozone gas.
  • Disease prevention and control.
  • Disinfection of installations and machinery.
  • Washing and storage in chambers (post-cast)
  • Improved profitability of the farm.

Applications of ozone in agriculture:

  • Irrigation of crops with ozonized water: greenhouses, hydroponics, ecological, open field…
  • Spraying (replacing sulfate or fumigation). Foliar treatments with ozonized water.
  • Disinfection and hygiene (land, culture media, irrigation water, filling system and the fruit and vegetable products themselves).
  • Irrigation and treatment with ozonized water in seedlings and nurseries.

Post-cast ozone applications:

  • Washing and disinfection of fruits and vegetables. Hydrocooling systems.
  • Conservation of fruits and vegetables in cold rooms (ozone gas).
  • Ethylene control with gas ozone.
  • Hygiene of white rooms or handling rooms, packaging, machinery…
Guarantee and legal complianceEUO3TAISO 9001

Abson Asepsia’s ozone services for agriculture

Abson systems based on ozone generation are intended for farms of all kinds,fruit trees, crops in general, greenhouses, vineyards, etc.

The use of ozone results in larger and shorter production, higher volume and quality of the fruits, while reducing production costs, plant diseases and the ecological impact of exploitation. No chemical residual in the facilities, soil, plants or fruits.

Ozone, following Abson’s methodology and technical control, is an effective tool that improves the profitability of the farm; promoting the health and vigour of plants, as well as the quality and marketing of the fruits.

  • Turn irrigation water into disinfectant.
    – Without the use of biocides and without leaving chemical residual.
    – Effective against fungi, bacteria, viruses and other unwanted microorganisms.
    – Disinfects by contact without assaulting the plant.
    – Useful against Nematodes, Fusarium, Michosfarella, Pythium, among other problems.
  • It helps oxygenation to the roots of the plant.
  • Reduces costs for savings in chemicals and water.
  • Increases the production,quality and taste of the fruits.
  • It promotes the growth of the plant.

Irrigation and Foliar Treatments with Ozonized Water

Abson’s unique ozone systems for agriculture convert water into disinfectant,which can be used for irrigation and foliar treatments. The exceptional mixing method achieves very high levels of water ozonization, allowing it to be used in irrigation to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, spores and any other microorganisms from the soil and roots. It should be noted that the process does not leave any type of chemical residual,since ozone is broken down into oxygen. Thanks to this effect, ozonized water also oxygenates the roots of plants favoring their rooting and health.

Abson’s services for agriculture are a very cost-effective solution as they represent a very significant savings in fertilizer and plant protection chemicals. In addition, healthier and more vigorous plants are obtained, greater protection against possible contagions by pathogens and diseases caused by rot, allowing the farmer to significantly increase production.

Ozone is very useful in all types of cultivation, including greenhouses, hydroponic crops and organic farming. It seems appropriate to emphasize that ozone has been shown in several studies to be a very effective alternative to prevent and control both root and stem diseases and aerial diseases.

On the other hand, Abson’s agriculture ozone systems are also very beneficial for seedlings and nurseries. Because, in addition to the general advantages mentioned, ozone treatments guarantee: better root system of plants, better transplantation and less aggression by phytosanitary.

Abson offers customized services with design equipment and manufacture in Spain of the highest quality and latest technology, including continuous disinfection control by redox probe in the water tank. The systems are adapted to the customer’s needs after a previous audit. After installation, the company professionals carry out periodic reviews of the facility to ensure its efficiency and good maintenance, as well as the control and advice of the ozone crop.

Cleaning and disinfecting ozone installations

Abson Asepsia’s ozone services for agriculture and post-cast shell are very effective for cleaning and disinfecting irrigation facilities and tools used in agriculture, as well as for the disinfection of various agri-food or agricultural equipment and facilities.

Among other advantages, whether using ozonized water or ozone gas, it should be noted that the ozone system does not leave any chemical residue in the installation after disinfection, since it naturally decomposes into oxygen.

For these reasons, the use of ozone for cleaning and disinfection of facilities results in other benefits on the farm itself, including oxygenation and the prevention of phytopathogen proliferation.

Ozone for Washing and Hydrocooling

When washing or spraying products with ozonized water during the hydrocooling technique (or others), total disinfection of the product is guaranteed, without damaging it and leaving any chemical residue, as the ozone is broken down into oxygen. This saves on polluting chemicals such as chlorine, improves the food safety of fruits and vegetables and facilitates their commercialization, complying with the strictest legal and quality controls. On the other hand, the use of ozone in hydrocooling also improves the appearance of the product, as well as favors the lengthening of its shelf life.

Ozone in chambers and rooms (post-cast and food industry)

Ozone in gaseous form inside cold rooms and handling rooms allows the reduction of fungi, bacteria and surface viruses (fish, meat, fruits and vegetables…). It also continuously removes ethylene from the environment, extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. In this way, ozone systems are the best way to prolong the conservation and quality of food products.

It should be noted that Abson offers a maintenance service, with periodic reviews of installations, continuous measurements, analytical and certification in all cases. This ensures the customer the correct functioning of the system in cold rooms and rooms and the continuous profitability of all their processes.