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The advantages of ozone in wine guarantee maximum safety and quality in the processes and products of the wine industry.


The wine industry is one of the most prosperous and demanding economic sectors, which makes it necessary to guarantee the best production processes for offer an excellent wine in quality and safety; taking into account, moreover, that much of it is exported and must therefore pass even more controls and audits.

One of the important points for this sector is the preservation of the wine itself, which is made in oak barrels, as well as cement and stainless steel. The cleaning of these storages is one of the largest consumptions of water and energy, within the wine industry. In addition, they generate highly polluting wastewater. For this reason, effective and economical alternatives are sought that allow you to have a more efficient, safer and healthier winery. In this context, the use of ozone appears. Used to wash barrels with hyperozonized water, allowing the high disinfection of them, without chemical residuals of any kind and without altering the organoleptic conditions. In fact, ozone is a great help when it comes to dealing with the contamination of wines with strange smells and flavors.

To all this we must add that ozone, both in the gaseous state and in the form of ozonized water, not only disinfects, but completely sterilizes the surfaces (and facilities in general) eliminating all the problems typical of the appearance of fungi in the cellars. Its disinfectant power of enormous efficiency has as its only residual, oxygen, totally harmless. These advantages of ozone help the wine company meet the quality and safety standards imposed by the EU and other international bodies.

Abson offers the food industry and in particular the wine industry innovative ozone-based cleaning and disinfection systems, efficient and environmentally friendly. In this way it helps to guarantee the quality of the product, to eliminate aggressions against nature, helping the wine company to reduce production costs.

In other applications of ozone in the wine industry are as follows: Ozone generators for the disinfection and purification of wineries; ozonized water for the washing the grapes and disinfecting the Brettanomyces yeast; disinfection of the interior of the barrels with ozone generators, purification of corks to prevent microbacterial contaminations. It should be noted that ozone is also very useful in the cultivation of vines, agriculture and post-castesout.