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Ozone for household disinfection, offices, hotels, hospitals, concert halls, restaurants, any venue that wants to improve or guarantee sanitary conditions.

In Ozone and Health you can find the dimmable domestic ozonizer (Ozone Generator- Ozone Air Purifier). It contains a power regulator responsible for eliminating odors and purifying and disinfecting air and surfaces of bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens or storage rooms. Eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi and pestillents and controls Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Thanks to the regulator, it is a very versatile solution to improve the environmental health and comfort of the interiors of the rooms.

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What is ozone?

Ozone (O3) is one of the natural components of air. The absence of this gas prevents normal air regeneration, promotes the appearance of odors and all kinds of microorganisms.

What uses does ozone have?

Ozone as an environmental protector is bactericidal, fungicide and virulicide. Disinfects, deodorizes and sterilizes. It acts powerfully and directly on the chemical structure of microorganisms, producing their deactivation and preventing their reproduction.

How do we get ozone?

Thanks to its innovative system of vacuum valves, equipped with noble gas, Abson Marbella has managed to imitate the process that takes place in the atmosphere for the natural, silent and uniform production of Ozone, with a minimum energy cost.

Ozone = Quality of Life

Some factors contribute decisively to quality of life have been underestimated. At Abson Marbella we are committed to creating healthier spaces from an integral approach. To do this, we use the latest technology in air, water and food purification.