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Say goodbye to pests forever!

Abson uses biocide-free treatments that do not paralyze its activity and do not affect people’s health or the environment. The most effective and easy way to eliminate pests in your establishment and prevent their appearance.


The presence of a pest (insects, rodents or microorganisms) causes economic and material damage in companies due to the loss of customers, fines, damaged products… It can also lead to psychological harm to employees and clients, and poses a risk to public health, as it contaminates food, spreads diseases and leads to allergy episodes.

Abson works for a healthier society. That is why in its effective pest control treatments it prioritizes the least harmful to people (workers, dwellers, etc.). For this reason, the company is committed to alternative measures to spray with biocides to eliminate arthropod and rodent pests. Despite being just as effective, or more, these unique methods minimize their impact on the environment and are not as toxic to humans. In addition, its application does not affect the normal functioning of the establishment, which should not suspend its activity.

It should be noted that the European Union has promoted a new Biocidal Products Regulation, which argues that biocides “may pose risks to people, animals and the environment”, and therefore their use “requires careful regulation”. In this way, Abson considers that, as far as possible, it seems appropriate not to spray the interior environments with biocides.

On the other hand, Abson carries out preventive measures against curatives, whether structural or related to hygiene habits. Thus, integrated pest control is accompanied by relevant indications and recommendations to prevent pests and, where appropriate, to be eradicated in a reliable manner and not to be repeated. Abson prevents the creation and development of floodlights of harmful organisms and prevents their entry, amplification or dissemination.

Pest control: Disinfection, Deratization and Disinfection




Abson carries out disinfection and deratization plans along with preventive treatments and follow-up programs for pest control. The working methodology consisting of the following steps:

  1. Situation diagnosis
    • Review of the premises.
    • Detection of risk zones.
    • Setting traps.
  2. Application of the product
    • Trap review.
    • Application of the product in conflict zones.
    • Recommendations to customers against pests.
  3. DDD Certification and Report
    • Issuance of the official DDD certificate.
    • Preparation of status report and advice to the client.

Abson has quality certificates, such as ISO 9001.