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We developed a plan to get an APPCC with guarantees

  • We offer comprehensive food safety solutions that meet
    APPCC regulations.
  • Hospitality, Food Industry, Meat Industry, Bakeries, Restaurants, Dairy Industry, Wineries, Slaughterhouses, Cheese shops, Kitchens, Caterings and Much More.


Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 on food hygiene requires food businesses to implement a self-control system based on the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). The APPCC system is a method to ensure food safety and provides confidence to the market and the customer.

An APPCC is a set of procedures developed and implemented on a permanent basis by food companies, especially preventive ones, and aimed at achieving the safety of foodstuffs offered to the consumer.

Abson Methodology to Implement an APPCC

  1. A first visit of the customer’s facilities.
  2. An initial audit.
  3. The collection of documentation necessary for the design and implementation of the self-control system,initial training in food handling to all staff
  4. Follow-up through regular audits by abson’s team.
  5. Microbiological monitoring controls:
    – Tap water analysis
    – Microbiological analysis of manipulators
    – Microbiological analysis of the environment
    – Microbiological food analysis
    – Microbiological analysis of surfaces
  6. The formalities with the Public Administration. Including processing of the self-control document.

An APPCC system involves a set of plans and documents that establish specific practices, resources and a sequence of activities to be carried out. This requires developing descriptive documentation, records demonstrating its application and effectiveness, and a document and records archiving system.