End root odors with ozone solutions


Abson not only eliminates the odor of indoor environments quickly and effectively,but also reduces environmental pollution (whether biological, chemical or mixing both causes) so harmful to the people occupying the establishment. In fact, almost always these odors are directly related to the level of environmental pollution. In this way, the elimination of odors is also a matter of environmental hygiene and indoor air quality (CAI).

On the other hand, odors are not only annoying and unpleasant, but also carry a greater problem: they negatively impact the image of the company, which is transmitted to both its workers and its customers.

effective customized solutions to specific needs and problems:

  • Bad smells in the rooms of a hotel.
  • Unpleasant smell in a public toilet that extends to other areas of the property as a restaurant lounge.
  • Smells of food imbued in the clothes of customers of restaurants, bars and cafes.
  • Offices and other workplaces with the smell of pipes and/or drains.
  • The smell of the children’s school change zone is spread throughout the center.
  • The characteristic smell in nursing homes near the geriatric baths that extends to the rest of the environment.
  • The environmental load that is usual to be found in waiting rooms of clinics and, especially, dentists.
  • The bad smell in the engine room and activities or changing rooms in gyms.
  • The bad smell derived from the concentration of people (and meals) and cross-contagion in offices.

Why with ozone?

Ozone is a gas that by its properties has a high capacity to eliminate odors,not because it camouflages them with a stronger odor but because it is able to eliminate its causes.

Most of these odors have biological origin. So ozone, as a powerful disinfectant, easily breaks down and destroys these evil particles that roam the air.

Ozone purifies and disinfects the environment, does not cover up it masks smells with aromas.

  • Eliminates the cause of the odor.
  • Leaves an environment purified and disinfected.
  • Healthier and healthier environments.
  • Promotes the best customer or worker experience