Do you want your customers to feel the cleanliness of your establishment? Do you take home smells imbued with your clothes?

  • Abson’s services eliminate all inappropriate smells in the restaurant or bar room.
  • A purified and more comfortable environment makes the customer repeat and recommend.


1. Air purification and disinfection

Due to the activity, presence of many people, food, cuisine, prepared dishes that go out into the room, very frequent use of public bathrooms, etc. increase the presence of smells and / or feeling of loaded atmosphere. This causes the image of the trade to deteriorate and much more when these smells adhere to customers’ clothing. To combat these problems, Abson offers customized solutions based on the use of O3 or H2O2+AG generators, air purifiers, bacteriostats and other hospitality hygiene systems.

Abson ends with:

  • Loaded environment
  • Bad smells
  • Adhesion of odors to the customer’s clothes

2. Food hygiene

In restaurants they converge a very wide variety of raw materials that together with the conservation of various products in cold rooms favor the risk of cross-contamination and odour mixtures. For this reason, Abson offers the customer monitoring of self-control systems with O3 or H2O2+AG and implementation programs of APPCC, ISO, BRC and IFS that will avoid taste losses and extend the shelf life of food. It is mainly about helping the owner with a plan established and regularly controlled by professionals to avoid the loss of raw materials, deterioration of them and implement in the bars a strict working procedure that avoids continuous errors.

Abson avoids:

  • Cross-contamination.
  • Mixture of odors.
  • Flavor losses.
  • Loss and deterioration of raw materials.

Abson guarantees:

  • Food security and legal compliance.
  • The highest durability of the products.
  • Export without returns.

3. Pest removal

Pest control in hospitality is essential, as the presence of pests has a negative impact on the image and credibility of the business, as well as weakening food security,so it can have legal and public health consequences very harmful to the business.

But pest control must be compatible with people’s health. For this reason, Abson performs pest treatments respectful to human health and the environment,as it uses chemicals with the lowest possible toxicity, thus ensuring the safety of customers and employees.

Abson removes:

  • Damage to the business image.
  • Weakening of food security.
  • Risks to people’s health.
  • Risks of fines.