Metallic and watertight air distribution network

According to CTE HS3 Chapter 3, paragraph 3.2.4 Extraction ducts for mechanical ventilation.

Set of galvanized steel ducts and fittings that guarantee Class D sealing according to EN 12237 (table the RITE 2007),ease and speed of assembly thanks to the patented Safe® system (double joint) Click (principle of fixing without joints or putty).
It is an indispensable system to ensure energy efficiency in ventilation systems being easy, safe and fast assembly.


We have a wide range based on all types of parts and solutions for the correct execution of a Safe®Click ventilation network for the habitat as well as for any commercial and/or tertiary premises.


Why is air tightness important?

If the ventilation network is not airtight, leaks must be compensated for by significant flow at the machinery level.

This causes:

An oversized network and ventilation group.
Increased energy costs.
A thermal loss affecting the comfort of the occupants.
A sound nuisance for the occupants.

In response, we propose Safe®Click Systems with recognized returns. Retrieved from the test report T-V n.996501.

General features

Class D air tightness according to EN 12237
Ducts and accessories made of galvanized steel EN 1506 (dimensions) and EN 12237 (resistance and sealing).
Based on the Safe® System (same ranges of accessories with gasket) with more ingenuity.
Patented slot system, arranged in TSC ducts and RFT female connectors (diameter between 80 and 315 mm)
A simple “CLICK” (toolless assemblies) allows you to assemble ducts and accessories.
The Safe®Click solution requires neither screws nor rivets (follow assembly instructions).


Simple and fast installation allowing a saving in assembly time of more than 40.
Disappearance of screws/rivets to ensure the fixing of aerobic networks (following assembly instructions).
Maximum sealing for the absence of screws/rivets that cause residual leaks.
Easy to install, particularly in tight spaces.
Maintenance facilitated in aerobic networks thanks to the disappearance of accidents (cuts) linked to the presence of screws or rivets.
Aesthetic appearance in the case of eerbolic nets in sight.
Perfect architectural integration.