Schools, kindergartens and Institutes

Schools are places where air quality is very important, because in a small space we have the presence of a large group of people, students (children, adolescents and adults), teachers, auxiliaries, etc.


Schools are diverse and air purification needs are different:

    • Children’s schools

Babies from 4 months of age to age 3 have an unripe immune system, so disease infections are very common. Likewise, the pollution of air and surfaces are very high, despite the extreme cleaning measures that children’s centres have, since the classes are places where students sleep, eat, change diapers, play, suck toys…

In this way, children spend most of their time sick. This affects their health and family organization, as parents have to stop going to work to stay home taking care of their children.

Thanks to the air purification and environmental quality control service through periodic analyses, Abson customers offer families greater safety and fewer contagions; ensuring healthier spaces for children and adults (professionals).

    • Schools

Schools are concentrated spaces of people, where smells, the feeling of a closed environment and contagions are common. In particular, schools have particularly sensitive areas such as toilets, changing rooms, gyms, dining rooms and food areas. Classrooms are very airtight places where a group of people share the same space, for many hours. Abson’s service allows odor removal and air purification, so that the school community can share their daily work in a safe, healthy and odor-free environment.

    • Academies

Study centres are places where complementary training is provided, whether professional, language or reinforcement. Usually the students of these academies go to the same after their professional or school day and the classes are places where people share a very airtight space. For this reason the environmental burden, the feeling of a charged environment, odors and contagions of diseases are common. Thanks to the ozonization of the classrooms we can eliminate odors and pathogenic microorganisms from them.