Siber® SafeFix Ventilation Network



Extra-flat spine net – Thermoplastic and watertight, for simple and discreet integration into the building’s architecture

According to CTE HS3 Chapter 3, paragraph 3.2.4 Extraction ducts for mechanical ventilation

General features:

  • SafeFixSiber ® thermoplastic ducts and fittings are used for ventilation network systems for both insufflation and extraction,
  • They adapt perfectly to the architecture of the building thanks to its extra-flat profile, both for new construction and reform, single-family and multifamily homes,
  • Its characteristics and dimensions translate into a saving of space and time needed for the ventilation system,
  • Thanks to the integrated EPDM gasket, the Siber® SafeFix ductwork achieves a class D sealing,the highest according to EN-12237.



Saving time installation




Extra-flat ducts (height 55 mm) adapted for steps in false ceilings,saving space.
Ease of assembly,formed by the thermoplastic duct bonding system that prevents any type of leakage and aerobic net fittings equipped with EPDM gasket at each end, thus ensuring air tightness in the ventilation system network. All this gives greater ease of assembly compared to the conventional system.
Rigid conduitreduces the risk of network crushing.
Smooth ducts,less load loss compared to flexible ducts.


Technical details:

  • Reaction to fire: self-extinguishing B-S3,d0, according to UNE EN 13501-1:2002
  • Maximum operating temperature: + 80oC
  • Thermal conductivity (?) : 0.0544 – 0.0662 W/m oC

Equivalence Circular conduit by: Accessories

  • Rectangular conduit 55 x 110 mm: 80 to 100 mm
  • Rectangular conduit 55 x 220 mm: 125 mm

Recommended flow rates:

Minimum Maximum
50 m3/h
(v-2.5 m/s)
90 m3/h
(v x 4.0 m/s)


Minimum Maximum
100 m3/h
(v-2.5 m/s)
180 m3/h
(v x 4.0 m/s)

Siber® Pure Conduits


Antibacterial and antistatic, for healthy, clean air

anti-state 0065
Healthy and clean air thanks to smooth ducts that prevent the retention of harmful substances and destroy 99.99 of the bacteria present.

The Siber® Pure SafeFix system offers the purest air quality for a healthy environment, avoiding health problems or discomfort due to sick building syndrome or allergic reactions.