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Water Treatment in Spas and Pools

  • The use of Ozone or H2O2+AG improves the quality of water as well as the indoor environment.
  • Creating a more comfortable space for the customer makes it repeat and recommend.


Spas and spas are centers where the proliferation of pathogens is very easy due to the humidity and temperature conditions suitable for the growth of microorganisms.

Therefore they must meet the strictest hygiene standards to be comfortable, healthy spaces, without unpleasant odors, and where no diseases are transmitted; ensuring the best customer experience and loyalty.

Water treatment and ozone-based Abson systems, which is an effective disinfectant that has the advantage that does not leave chemical wastes, can therefore be used continuously in the presence of customers. In addition, it does not generate unpleasant odors. What’s more, he eliminates them.

Spa and pool managers should take special care:

  • Hygiene of surfaces, floors, shower areas, massage rooms. Places where due to the passage of people and temperature and humidity conditions can proliferate pathogenic bacteria and fungi that cause diseases to their customers and deteriorate the image of the establishment.
  • Bad smells. Closed places, with low ventilation, high humidity, a lot of influx of people and exposed to the use of chemicals for disinfection. All this makes the environment rarefied and we have a multitude of unpleasant smells such as smells of moisture, which denote the presence of fungi, smells of sweat and so on, etc…. Ozone is a very effective tool to eliminate these odors avoiding the cause and without masking them.
  • Disinfection of water and ozonization of water from vessels is an effective disinfection system with the great advantage that leaves no chemical waste. This makes the bathing experience of the guests of your spa or pool more pleasant, reseating this to natural or spring water. People with delicate skin, children, elderly, sensitive eyes, will have the experience of a natural and non-aggressive water with their skin and mucous membranes.