Ozone eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi and unpleasant odors

The vehicles are enclosed cabins with very small space and very exposed to chemical and biological contamination (viruses, bacteria, fungi…), due to many reasons: we enter and leave frequently, mount different people, raise and lower children with all that entails, sick adults travel (some with contagious diseases), we take pets, we move from one place to another, some eat… All these circumstances are likely to occur in all cars, but especially in the community vehicles such as buses, taxis, rental cars, ambulances, fire trucks, etc. On the other hand, in addition to the proliferation inside of polluting particles and pathogenic microorganisms, odors often appear that often become persistent and very unpleasant.

Deep cleaning of the vehicle is not a quick or easy task at all, since each part of the transport must be rubbed and disinfected well and some parts are more complicated to treat than others because of the difficulty of reaching certain areas, such as the air conditioning circuits or under the seats. They are also complexes of hygiene textiles and upholstery, as they require special care and cannot be cleaned every day… However, theset extiles are the ones that take the most odors and microorganisms.

With the application of ozone gas inside the vehicle it is possible to disinfect the environment and surfaces through air, eliminating viruses, bacteria and any type of odor in a few minutes. In this way, comfort and environmental hygiene are improved by preventing all kinds of contagious diseases,in addition. This is because the ozone gas by contact disinfects without distinction against all those microorganisms that cross its path.

Ozone is, in short, an ideal method of disinfection to apply it, in addition to in private cars, in taxis, ambulances, buses, trains, planes, police cars and other collective transports.


How Ozone Works

Ozone is an oxidizing gas, so it has a great capacity for disinfection and deodorization in a short time. In fact, ozone is considered to be the most efficient disinfectant, compared to other biocides, against all types of microorganisms. In the treatment of air or indoor environment, it not only contributes to reduce the microbial load, but also destroys bad odors produced by tobacco, animals, gases, pollution, etc…

By sharing electrons with three atoms instead of two the remaining molecule is very unstable, so it tends to capture electrons from any compound that approaches it to regain its stability. That’s why ozone is a potent oxidizer. For this reason it is characterized by its extraordinary biocidal,deodorant and destruction properties of chemical compounds: by trapping electrons from other molecules, oxidizing them, it destabilizes them until they are destroyed if the ozone concentration and contact time is adequate.

Portable Ozone Generator: Professional Ozone Cannon

In Abson we have a portable ozone generator or ozone cannon designed specifically to disinfect and deodorize interiors of utility or industrial vehicles, being very useful in companies in car washes, companies with fleets of vehicles, vehicles public servants (police, firefighters, ambulances…), truck companies, bus fleets, etc. The ozone cannon disinfects and deodorizes the indoor environment, surfaces (including upholstery) and air conditioning circuits, leaving no residues because ozone breaks down into oxygen.

This professional ozone generator (ozone cannon) allows those in charge of their cleaning (laundry), those responsible for the maintenance of vehicles and their own users a quick and comfortable treatment of disinfection and deodorization of interior spaces such as vehicles,without any difficulty, because it does not need installation of any kind. Simply insert the ozone gun into the vehicle’s cabin and program it to develop the treatment on its own.

As mentioned, the ozone gun for vehicles does work to disinfect environments and surfaces by air,in addition to eliminating persistent odors such as moisture, tobacco or some rest of the food or the vomiting of children (for example).

A prominent advantage of ozone is that it disinfects vehicles in all their corners. That is, it acts where it passes without distinction the type of surface in the cabin, for example, from the mats to the ventilation ducts, leaving it free of any viruses or bacteria. In addition, it leaves no chemical residual, it only necessary to aerate the car a little after treatment, in case there is a temporary excess. It should be emphasized again that ozone naturally becomes oxygen, that is, it leaves no permanent chemical residue in the vehicle.

Advantages of ozone disinfection

There are many benefits that we get whenwe are infected and deodorized vehicles with ozone. This gas has a powerful disinfectant, oxidizing and germicidal power, so its application in cleaning and hygiene is becoming more frequent.
Advantages of its use:

  • As a microbicide,ozone eliminates all kinds of microorganisms; bacteria, viruses and fungi present in the environment, roofs, floors and other vehicle surfaces; including air conditioning ducts.
  • Ozone, as a deodorizer, eliminatesall kinds of bad odors. Destroy germs and odor molecules without filters or chemicals. It also completely annihilates unpleasant organic odors by accelerating the oxidation of those odors. This deodorizing power also acts in the air conditioning circuits, often responsible for odor, as it is reservoir of pestillent substances and microorganisms.
  • Ozone leaves no chemical residuals. This is because it only generates oxygen by decomposing through a natural process. So it doesn’t need to be removed or rinsed in any way, unlike other disinfectants like bleach. That is, ozone alone becomes oxygen once it has acted.
  • Since it leaves no residue, ozone disinfection turns out to be an ecological and sustainableaerial and surface cleaning. This prevents the generation of gases from other disinfectant chemicals, as well as pollution from their own manufacture and waste, whose release harmful to the environment and people.

Ozone cleaning applications

Ambulance disinfection

Ambulances require a great responsibility to have the vehicle completely clean and disinfected, since they transport people with different pathologies. In certain cases, they are viral processes in the incubation phase, being carriers of bacteria, germs, microorganisms, viruses, etc. That is, ambulances can be a focus of contagion

Hygiene conditions are essential, so, thanks to ozone, a high level of disinfection can be achieved, including in those areas that are difficult to access such as springs, joints, sanitary instruments and other hidden areas.

With ozonation treatment for deodorization and disinfection, it is guaranteed that no toxics are breathed, as well as environmental hygiene, including the air conditioning circuit. Similarly, odors and the development of bacteria and fungi are eliminated.

This factor is essential for the conditions of the health workers that transit the ambulances, since they will not be exposed to catching any type of contagion, and on the other hand they will work in a purified environment,without suffering the stents that could stay if proper cleaning and disinfection is not used.

Disinfection on school buses and buses

Buses are vehicles frequented by people of all ages, which is why extreme cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and air should be meticulous. The wide age range that exists among passengers using this service means that we can find the possibility that there are people infected with any viral disease, or asymptomatic that may also spread the virus. The clearest example is in children to the elderly. That is why disinfection on all types of buses must be established rigorously.

The drivers will also benefit the greatest from this good cleaning and disinfection that will occur, since they are the ones who spend the most hours behind the wheel in this space. As much as they have a screen integrated to prevent any type of contagion, it will not be enough if when they leave they encounter a space and contaminated surfaces.

As for school buses,these are characterized by concentrated spaces of children, in which smells, the feeling of closed environment and contagions can be frequent. Before going to school or on the way home after the end of classes, it is essential that they encounter a bus without odors and with a purified air, so that the school community uses this transport in a safe, healthy and odor-free environment.

Disinfection in Taxis

The continuous passage of passers-by in this service requires maintaining a cleanliness and hygiene that the customer will appreciate, and therefore will continue to use for future travel. If we want to avoid passing an uncomfortable situation with the consumer, the taxi must be in perfect condition to offer the quality that is sought. With ozone, you will eliminate the biggest enemy that we can find in a taxi, the possibility of finding bad smells.

By also eliminating viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms, we favor to eradicate the spread of possible diseases since, with a simple cough, sneeze or simply speaking, we can leave bacteria or viruses on the car upholstery from which we can infect the rest of the passengers who are going to use said taxi. All this also benefits the taxi driver himself, who will be less exposed to odors and contagions. As in other vehicles that offer a certain service, it is the person who spends the most hours in that space.

Disinfection of police patrols

The disinfection of these vehicles is essential since the police are one of the groups most exposed to the contagion of viruses, bacteria…

Their work causes multiple contacts to be exhibited every day, which increases the risk that police officers may become infected.

Remember that ozonation is the perfect application to disinfect and eliminate all kinds of bacteria and viruses, as well as all kinds of odors.

For the disinfection of police cars, ozone treatment is effective, fast and easy.

Disinfection in civil protection vehicles

As in ambulances, air quality is very important in this vehicle, as it is a small space where we have the presence of people who may be infected or who can get diseases if they are exposed to an environment that is not well clean and disinfected.

To prevent this situation, ozone cleaning leaves a pleasant and purified environment, including sterilization of existing sanitary materials in this type of vehicle. Healthcare professionals will be the first to benefit from working in a clean, microorganism-free environment.

Disinfection in fire vehicles

hygienic ener fire cars is paramount. Ozone disinfection ensures greater protection and prevention of this group, so it is appropriate that vehicles are disinfected against viruses and bacteria and VOC and other contaminants to which firefighters are exposed are controlled.

In the same sense, ozone should also be applied in the material and EPIs available to firefighters (through ozoning cabinets), since ozone does not generate waste and allows the material means to be made available to the service almost instantly.

It should be noted that ozone, as a disinfectant and decontaminating agent.

Vehicle Wash-Washes

In order for the carriage to be “shiny” on the outside and inside, the ozone cannon takes care of the inside of the car, as it eliminates odors and leaves a space free of microorganisms.

Ozone treatment ensures an excellent final finish in car cleaning. It is strongly advisable especially for vehicles with children, food professionals, smokers, and to achieve disinfection in conditions when transporting animals.

In addition, it is a service that in a few minutes eliminates the bad odors from the car and exterminates elements harmful to health, leaving no residue. The laundry customer will be delighted to check their car clean, hygienized and deodorized.