Do you want the car to smell clean or “pine” mixed with a bad smell?

  • Abson guarantees disinfection and deodorization of vehicle cabins.
  • Farewell to odors and pathogenic microorganisms.


Vehicles are closed cabins where environmental load, air pollution and odors are common. They are confined spaces shared by several people, food and animals, and this causes high biological contamination and the proliferation of unpleasant odors that are very difficult to eliminate.

In addition, on the other hand, chemical contaminants are present as they detach from the building materials of the vehicles generate many volatile compounds (typical smell of new car), the vehicle’s own pollution and traffic that enters the interior without difficulty, pollution and smell of tobacco when smoking inside cars… These are contaminants that make an indoor environment unhealthy, and in some cases are on the list of carcinogenic components.

Finally my car smells clean!

Abson provides tools, for car wash companies with which with just 5 minutes you can disinfect already deodorize an average vehicle.

On the other hand, Abson has also developed machinery so that customers themselves can deodorize their cars in coin-wash stations.

Thanks to Abson’s service, washing center managers can have additional service to their customers so that they have their vehicles clean, odor-free and disinfected. Being able to have a new niche business without investment as Abson provides these tools with service and certification