VMC Dual Flow Centralized Multifamily System

  • Ventilation system consisting of two collective extractors on deck, insufflation group to insufflate new air from the outside to bedrooms and living rooms, extraction group to expel from kitchens, bathrooms and toilets the stale air. Each house will have its own heat recuperator which will allow the recovery of up to 94 of the calories of the extracted air thanks to the high performance flow crossing exchanger. Energy saving
  • Up to 94 calorie/cold recovery from extracted air thanks to the high-performance flow crossing exchanger.
  • Heating volume installation to optimize exchanger performance. Acoustic and thermal comfort.
  • Housing protected from external sound disturbances.
  • Tempered incoming air thanks to by-pas (in winter: preheated air; in summer: cooled air). Improved comfort in summer and reduced heating costs mid-season.
  • Filtered air: ideal solution of allergy problems High efficiency filtration in new air and extracted air (pole, dust, soot).
  • Eco-conception.
  • Eco-friendly filter. Aesthetic interior unit for wall installation.
  • Low-ceiling height optimization.
  • Decreased number of registration traps. Easy maintenance and operation control.
  • Indicator for replacing the filters at the front of the control unit.
  • Front with doors to access filters.