VMC Simple Auto-RIGHT Individualized Flow System

Simple Flow VMC System
According to CTE DB HS3

Operating Principle

System designed for the individual extraction of foul air and renovation in the homes of multifamily buildings.
Its operation based on the principle of air sweeping inside the houses, is completely independent among them offering an excellent balance between guarantee of indoor air quality and autonomy of consumption according to occupancy and use.


Ease of assembly
The system formed by rectangular ducts of lengths of 3 meters with its splices and accessories, confers a greater ease of assembly compared to the conventional system.

Flexibility in the “sizing” of floors
Thanks to the combination of different types of elbows and / or accessories allows the formation of geometries thus saving different obstacles with the minimum space necessary.

Reducing the space needed
The characteristics and dimensions of our product translate into a saving of space necessary for the ventilation system.

Optimal ventilation evacuation/conduction
The individuality of the ducts as well as the need to use any type of material for sealing, makes our application, a totally smooth and watertight system that contains a uniformity of section and a constant volume of extraction, thus avoiding possible turbulence and returns.

Improved construction time
Reduced cost of labor resulting from ease and speed of assembly.

Reduced cargo impact on forging
Compared to other solutions on the market.

Ventilation range control
For each house independently.