VMC Simple Centralized Flow System AUTORREGULABLE

According to CTE DB HS3

Operating Principle

The Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (VMC) system of simple flow is applicable to collective and individual habitat, being its permanent operation, ensuring the Quality of the Indoor Air through the principle of sweeping the air within the house.

The foul air is extracted in the kitchen, bathrooms and toilets through the mouths connected to the Group through smooth and rigid ducts.
New air penetrates through standard or acoustic self-regulating air inlets located above bedroom windows and living rooms.
This is the principle of sweeping the air inside the house.


Thermal comfort
Eliminating uncontrolled air circulation discomfort

Reducing duct occupation
Assuming larger area m3

Use of energy-efficient ventilation groups
It carries energy savings from the system as a whole

Acoustic comfort guaranteed

Well-balanced system set