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The safest and most environmentally friendly alternative

More effective than chlorine and does not generate hazardous waste that needs to be removed as it decomposes into oxygen quickly.


For wastewater treatment, Abson uses ozone-based technology, as this is a large oxidizer with the ability to reduce Biological Oxygen Demand and Chemical Demand for Oxygen, BOD and COD. Ozone is very effective and one of the most efficient,as it requires a very small contact time, in addition. It is useful both for waters that will be reused and for those that will be purified before being poured.

Abson systems allow the elimination of both organic and inorganic compounds,reducing ODO, odor, color, taste and turbidity from the waters, as well as refractory compounds (toxic substances and pharmaceutical compounds). Ozone oxidizes iron, manganese and sulfides and, in the absence of bromine, no DBPs are formed. Ozone is more effective than chlorine, chloroamines and chlorine dioxide for the inactivation of viruses, Cryptosporidium and Giardia, among other microorganisms.

Citizens’ consciences and authorities about respect for the environment continues to grow. In this way, proper wastewater treatment in companies is vital. In fact, European and Spanish legislation obliges industries to control waste that dumps the sewer system.

As a manufacturer, Abson designs custom ozone generators for each of the wastewater treatment industries. In addition, in the same way, it offers a continuous service with periodic reviews and incident attention to ensure the effectiveness of the system. We do not rely on third-party suppliers to obtain spare parts.