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Bet on ozone and improve the profitability of your business

Abson offers an ozone water treatment solution,a powerful disinfectant that guarantees hygiene without leaving any chemical waste. In this way, Abson’s water disinfection systems are respectful of the environment, people and food.


Abson’s services are an effective, safe and cost-effective alternative to water treatment in swimming pools and spas, as well as wastewater and legionella risk facilities. On the other hand, Abson also offers ozone services for agriculture, which convert irrigation water into disinfectant, as well as solutions with ozoned water for washing, disinfection of food and surfaces in the food industries and in hydrocooling systems.

Treatments that use chemicals can solve water hygiene problems, but in return leave small chemical wastes in them polluting the environment, the product and can even affect people’s health.

When chemically treated water is used to hygienize surfaces or food it is necessary to make many rinses, with the consequent waste of water and added expense. Abson’s ozone Abson systems avoid all these problems, which are guaranteed hygiene.